So, why does Lou Macaluso have his own website?

 • He is now a full-fledged author. (Does anyone  know a half-fledged author?)

     • After 33 years of teaching English, coaching athletics and forensics, participating in triathlons, and serving as a union president, he speaks publicly on his expertise, Those Death Defying Baby Boomers!, No Teachers Left Behind  and other motivational topics.

    • The formation of Clown Town Communications Company.

    • He thinks it’s really cool to have his own website

Oh what’s this third person crap! I wrote the text above. Anyway, I’ve written a book entitled Clown Town, a true story/social Chicago history of a baby boomer’s struggle with death phobia filtered through a child’s perspective.
The book is now available.

See About the Books

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I am available as a guest speaker.
Here’s my pitch:

 Buy the books
(You might be in one of them!).
   I know you’ll enjoy them .  
   See About the Books.

  Hire me as a speaker.
   I’ll do a great job.

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In Search of Sal is also available on Kindle and other e-formats.



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